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Open answer question

Open answer questions allow your respondents to fill out their answers themselves in the text box provided.

How do I add open answer questions?

  1. Go to your survey, click on and choose question.
  2. Choose open answer and click next.
  3. Type in your question and change the typography (bold, italic, and underline). Use merge fields to personalize your survey.
  4. Click next, you now have the following option:
    • Answer is required: This setting is enabled by default. Disable it if you don’t want the specific question to be mandatory.
  5. When you have finalized your question and customized the settings, click add.

Pro tip: It can be an advantage not to force a respondent to answer an open answer question, since the respondent may not have a relevant comment.

Open answer questions can be downloaded to response data files, as well as viewed in individual answers under responses.

Open answer questions in reports*

Open answer questions are only shown as speech bubbles in your reports. When you download your report to PDF, Excel, and PowerPoint, open answers will be shown as speech bubbles and listed at the end of your report.

* This feature is only available with a Professional subscription. Check out our plans.

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