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How do I send surveys to a contact list on Google Spreadsheets?

Google spreadsheets is a great way to store lists of contacts, e.g. a list of participants for an event. By connecting your Enalyzer account to Google Spreadsheets via Zapier, you can automatically send surveys to your contacts. For example, a follow-up survey after an event.

Connect Enalyzer and Google Spreadsheets

You need

Create your Zap

    1. Click → send Enalyzer surveys from new or updated Google Sheets spreadsheet rows.
    2. Click on use this Zap.
    3. Google Sheets is the Trigger app, and the Trigger is new or updated spreadsheet row. Click continue.
    4. Select your account or click on connect an account and a new window will open. Simply follow the instructions.
    5. Click save + continue.
    6. From the drop-down menu, choose the spreadsheet you wish to use from your Google Sheets account.
    7. Now choose the worksheet within that spreadsheet. Click continue.
    8. Enalyzer is your Action app and the action is create respondent. Click continue.
    9. Select your account or click on connect an account and a new window will open. Simply follow the instructions.
    10. From the drop-down menu, select the survey you want to send to your contact list.
    11. There are 3 required fields, first name, last name and email. Click on the insert a field icon (insert-fields.png) to insert fields from your Google Sheets spreadsheet.


  1. Click continue and create & continue.
  2. Finally, click finish and your apps will from now on do this work for you. Create a report and analyze your data!
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