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How do I send multilingual survey invitations?

Ensure that your respondents receive your survey in their native tongue by following these steps.

Translate the subject and email text

  1. Go to your survey, click the survey menu icon () and select collect.
  2. Click the invite respondents icon () and select email.
  3. The sender information is taken from the configure phase of your survey. If the name and email are not specified, enter them but keep in mind that you can only change this if you go to the configure phase.
  4. Now you have the following options:
    • If you already created a message for this survey, click on the drop-down menu under message and select your messages, search for your survey, select it, and finally search for your message.
    • If you don't have a message, select start from scratch or default messages and choose from one of our ready-to-send messages.
  5. Click next.
  6. If necessary, you can edit the heading, opening, button, and closing text of your survey.
    Pro tip: Use merge fields to personalize your invitation message.
  7. Click next and repeat step 6 until you're done with all your languages.
  8. Add an image, change the buttons' color and font of your invitation* and click next.

Add language variable to respondents

Now that you've translated your text, it's vital that you add a language variable to your respondents to ensure that they receive the survey invitation in the correct language.

  1. You can now upload** your CSV file.
    • Your CSV file should include the language codes for each respondent. If a language code is missing, the respondent will receive the survey in the default language you've chosen. Click here for a list of the language codes for all of the languages we support.
    • If you choose to enter the respondents manually, make sure to choose the correct language in the drop-down menu.
  2. Click add and use the drop-down menu to ensure that your respondents have the correct language attached to them.
  3. Click next and send now.

Enalyzer language codes

Language Language code
Bulgarian bg
Czech cs
Danish da
German de
English en
Spanish es
Estonian et
Finnish fi
French fr
Hungarian hu
Indonesian id
Italian it
Japanese ja
Hindi hi
Korean ko
Lithuanian lt
Latvian lv
Malay ms
Dutch nl
Norwegian no
Polish pl
Portuguese pt
Romanian  ro
Russian ru
Swedish se
Slovenian sl
Turkish tr
Vietnamese vi
Chinese zh

* This feature is only available in the PRO and PRO+ plans. Check out our plans.

** This feature is available in the paid plans. Check out our plans.

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