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How do I add background variables to my survey?

Surveys come with four default background variables; email, first name, last name and response status.

Use background variables to present your respondents with relevant questions based on their background information, e.g. business division, age, city of residence.

You can also personalize surveys and invitation letters by adding the respondent's’ name in the introduction text.

You can also use background variables for more specific and smarter reports. You can create individual reports by creating filters based on, e.g. names, business department.

  1. Go to your survey, click on  and select configure.
  2. Click on list of background variables.
  3. Click on  *.
  4. Select the variable type. This depends on how you want to represent your variable.
    • Selection list: This variable type gives specific options for the respondent. For example, the variable age can be represented in age brackets, 20-29, 30-39, etc.
    • Text: This variable type is kept open for the respondent. For example, the variable age is filled out by the respondent’s data and not represented by a specific value.
    • Date: This variable allows for the respondent to select a specific date from a calendar. For example, the respondent will be able to choose a specific date for the variable date of birth.
  5. Click next.
  6. Name your variable and add its response options,if applicable, and click next.
  7. If you want the variable to be mandatory enable the answer is required setting.
  8. Click add to create your variable.

* This feature is only available in the PRO and PRO+ plans. Check out our plans.

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