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Post ESS update

7. October 2011 by Enalyzer

ESS update

ESS has been updated with new download packages. Create and design your own survey login page and have more than one design on the same survey. Download packages are available from the launch area in ESS.

Different designs on the same survey

With the new multi-design download package - all users are now able to have more than one design on the same survey.

By editing the background file and customizing the package files you can control the visual output to different respondentgroups in a single survey project. This hold the advantages of not copying the questionnaire to different projects and merging data afterwards for analysis and reporting.
In addition you can combine multi-designs with other ESS features, that for instance merge background info into the questionnaire, to individualize surveys even more for each respondent. 

Example 1: 
Same survey distributed to employees located in various countries in one project.

Example 2:
Same survey distributed to different restaurant customers in one project.

Design your own survey login page

With Enalyzer’s login package you are free to design your own survey login page. The survey login page could be placed on the company website to allow respondents to access the survey from there. An ideal opportunity to associate the company tighter to the respondents.   
Download the package within Enalyzer Survey Solution and customize the HTML-files to match your brand.




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